The Indigenous Wellness Training Society provides:

  • A program promoting resiliency;
  • A therapeutic and a warm supportive environment;
  • A “recovery system” assisting youth and adults to overcome alcohol and drug addictions;
  • Wellness promotion teaching life skills and job skills;
  • Addiction related workshops and one-to-one counselling;
  • Education of traditional Indigenous Values;
  • To promote healthy eating and living;
  • Providing skills sets and training for clients to operate their own business;
  • Operation of social enterprise businesses for the purpose of on-the-job skills training.

To accomplish this we have five drivers of empowerment which are Recovery, Education, Employment, Culture and Life Skills.

  • Recovery leads to self-efficacy which is a sense of personal accomplishment
  • Education leads to self-determination which is a sense of personal choice
  • Employment (Business Skills) leads to personal consequence which is a sense of having an impact
  • Culture leads to meaning which is a sense of having value in cultural activities
  • Life Skills leads to trust which is a sense of security

Recovery is the foundation of our success