This is the first post that I am writing.

Steven Covey wrote a book entitled “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”  In this book he talks about habits.  His definition of a habit is an intersection of knowledge, skills and desire.

Knowledge is knowing what to do and why, skills are knowing how to do it and desire is wanting to do it.  I believe addictions is a habit that took us many years to develop and master.  Once developed they become ingrained into our essence of being.

If we look at the habit of addiction, a habit I am very familiar with, we can see that we knew what to do and why, we knew how to do it and we definitely had the desire to do it.  I know because I am in recovery myself and when it came to my addiction I knew what to do, drink as much as I can, I knew why, to mask the pain and emptiness I felt, I knew how to drink, even when I had no money and I had the desire.

Og Mandino states that we need to change our habits and the only way to do that is to create or develop a new habit, a new recovery habit.  When I turned my life around I did not have the recovery habit.  At first I did not know what to do, I did not know the reasons people were telling me to take certain actions, I did not know how to do those actions and even today it feels like I do not have the desire to perform those recovery actions.

Even though I do not feel like maintaining these actions I never forget where I came from.  Doing the recovery actions today is much better than the alternatives of yesterday.

When I first got into recovery I told the person who assisted me in getting into recovery that I never knew how I would ever repay him, at that point he just told me to just give it away.  Giving it away has landed me in this position of managing this recovery/resiliency house to offer the community recovery, job and the life skills I have accumulated in my recovery.

I wish to freely give my experience, strength and hope to those who desire living a different lifestyle.

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  1. What is the true meaning of freedom
    Hear Oh Lord so I will be heard
    All Our Creator Wants is Praise to be first and formost in our life so we can have peace
    Let us give Praise for He is Good

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