Once a person has committed themselves to recovery we believe they will need to go through a process where they will get to a point where they will face anger, hate, adversity and discouragement while maintaining sobriety.  Our goal is to encourage a person to progress through our process to learn the skills we will advocate for to prepare them for times when they are faced with anger and discouragement to help them get through those difficult times.

Our “resiliency house” services are based on the core principles of wisdom and knowledge.  In the future we will have other groupings of principles with which we will build upon.  Wisdom and knowledge is only the first set of principles.  These principles will be for the recovery portion of our services.  Once a person has committed to completing the recovery portion of our services and have completed our requirements thoroughly and honestly we will focus on other groupings of principles.

Future groups of principles will be courage (overcoming opposition), love, justice, temperance and transcendence.  We believe as individuals progress through each group of principles that they will develop the fortitude needed to overcome difficult circumstances, including difficulties that the 12-step program highlights such as People, Places and Things.

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