Ask yourself why?

In the book Psycho-Cybernetics the author Maxwell Maltz asks his readers to examine their beliefs.  He says the way to examine our beliefs is to ask ourselves if there is some task which we would like to do, some channel in which we would like to express ourselves, but we hang back feeling that “we can’t.”  When we feel like this he asks us to ask ourselves “Why?”

Why do we believe that we can’t?

Then he asks us to ask ourselves – “Are these beliefs bases upon actual facts – or upon an assumption – or a false conclusion?”

Then he says we need to ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. Is there any rational reason for such a belief?
  2. Could it be that we are mistaken in this belief?
  3. Would we come to the same conclusion about some other person in a similar situation?
  4. Why should we continue to act and feel as if this were true if there is no good reason to believe it?

Whenever we are stuck in our addictions and we cannot see way out we should truly wrestle with these questions.  At the Indigenous Wellness Training Society our basic philosophy is to ask ourselves why we cannot accomplish what we set out to accomplish.

From this same book we learned that there are two basic ways to achieve goals.  We are very well versed in both methods and we strive to assist people in developing their overall life goals.  Our services first begin with a decision.  Are we ready to make the next five years of our lives different from the last five years?  If so we can assist in both attitudinal skills and organization skills.

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