Elder’s Empowerment Circle Brunch

A report was written in 1999 called the Healing Ways report.  It was a snapshot and analysis of the First Nations population at that time who were living in the Vancouver Richmond Health Board area.

Four principles informed the nature and content of all interactions. These were:

  1. Respect for lived and formally acquired expertise
  2. Honoring of all traditions that make up the urban community
  3. Inclusion of all peoples whose ancestry allows self-identification as Aboriginal
  4. Consultation within the community and open exchange of information about processes, resources, and proposed changes.

We believe in respect for lived and formally acquired expertise, whether it was good or bad.  If it was bad we believe people have the ability to change.  Either way we can all learn from our past experiences.

For this reason we are hosting an Elders Brunch where we can all share our stories and experiences.  We encourage participation at this event.  If you have any questions please contact us at info@indigenoustc.com.  Thank you.

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