Have camera, will shoot!

Photography is more popular than ever before.  The reason photography has become so popular is that it has become so simple.  We have a few cameras and we are learning to use some very powerful photo editing software.

We belong to an audio visual club that meets on a monthly basis.  We were tasked with an assignment to take various photos at the Brownsville Bar Park in Surrey BC.

Peering through my lens, adjusting its focus, pressing the shutter button, changing lenses and editing these photos was very challenging and rewarding.

In conjunction with offering website development we can offer photographic services as well to enhance your website.  Taking photos is relatively easy, but taking good photos takes some skill and practice.  There are many factors that influence how good or bad a photo is.  Good photos requires good techniques.  We hope you can see from the quality of these photos that we are learning good techniques to take quality photos.  Please contact us to start this process.

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