Strategic Partner Networking Potluck

Our mission statement is to train individuals who have issues with addictions.  Similar to the concept that it takes an entire village to raise a child, it also takes an entire community to train individuals about health and wellness.

For this reason we will co-host several networking events in the hopes of learning more about what other organizations are doing.  We define networking as:

  • A series of interconnected wires and cables formed to bring information, news, scandals, gossip, and other relevant information to the public.
  • A process to gather and disseminate information effectively to produce results.
  • A blueprint for sharing leads, ideas, and expertise with one another.
  • A direction for accomplishing goals through the power of synergy and teamwork.
  • A mode to verify the accuracy and validity of information and ideas.
  • A formula to promote a product, service or idea.

So basically it is coming together to share information, ideas and expertise in a teamwork setting to promote the our products and services.

If you are in this area during this time our hopes and wishes is that you will drop by and share your products and services with other attendees.

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