Strategic Partner Networking Potluck

We are co-hosting another networking potluck.  Our first one was a success where over 30 people attended and shared their knowledge about the services they provided.

The method we use for sharing knowledge is similar to an elevator pitch.  The reason we host these events are to form a series of interconnected points where we can share information, news and events we are hosting for the people we serve.  We are always surprised at the amount of information that is shared and distributed among the attendees.  This information invariably leads to further sharing of ideas and expertise.  In this was we achieve our goal of being an inter-dependent community.

For those who are in the area when we are hosting our potluck please stop by and be prepared to share because together we all achieve more.


The Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association, includes a permitted kitchen and must adhere to the Fraser Health environmental health regulations.
If your agency also holds a kitchen permit through Fraser Health, please feel free to share food from your premises or agency. 
If your agency does not possess a permitted kitchen we ask that your potluck items are purchased from a store with a bar code and not out of date.
This will help us meet our mandatory food permit regulations and remain in good standing with our Environmental Health Officer.
The Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association will be providing a hot soup or chili at each of our community potlucks.
Looking forward to seeing you at the centre!


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