Merry Christmas

As this year winds down and we begin to get ready for another year we just wanted to take a moment and thank those individuals who have been very hospitable to us this year.

We want to thank you for hosting our services and allowing our family to be a part of your organization.  We especially want to thank Together We Can – All My Relations Program for allowing my wife and I to being part of their organization and allowing us to attend their events such as the softball tournament, their BBQ and especially their gala.

We also want to take time to thank the Fraser Regional Aboriginal Friendship Center Association for allowing us to assist in the development of a Domestic Violence program.  We are very pleased at this opportunity and find the Red Path program in alignment with the services we provide.

It was a pleasure to get to know these organizations and the wonderful and very committed staff each organization displays.  We are very pleased with the decisions the leaders have displayed in finding the right staff to help support their respective organizations mission.  We hope to emulate the examples they are setting within this field.

It is great to know that we have colleagues like these individuals and organizations  within this field.  We hope to reciprocate the work they are doing in the future.

All our relations.

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