Episode 1 – Addiction and Recovery Cycle

The cycle of addiction includes a downward spiral of hopelessness and despair.  This begins by having an overall desire of happiness, joy and freedom.

In addiction we tend not to feel happy, joyous or free.  This leads to a feeling of emotional pain.  Which then leads us to use an addictive agent, such as drugs and alcohol, to alleviate the pain.  Once we consume our drug of choice we obtain a temporary anesthesia.  The longer we stay addicted to this temporary anesthesia the more the negative consequences pile up which then leads to a feeling of shame and guilt which then leads to a feeling of more pain and low self-esteem causing us to turn more to our drug of choice.  This is an ever increasing downward spiral of hopelessness.

How do we recover?  I once heard a person say our hurts and grievances have happened privately.  Our emotional scars occurred privately, but healing has to happen publicly.  When we hit our emotional bottom in our addiction, when we are at our lowest and feel total hopelessness and desperation all is not lost.  This is the beginning of recovery.  We need to be thoroughly convinced we need a higher power to heal from this downward cycle.

This is what I call the cycle of recovery.  This is where healing happens publicly.  Our desire for happiness, joy and freedom remains the same.  The recovery spiral is an ever increasing upward spiral.  We desire health and recovery and for some of us we also desire culture.  This leads to a positive addiction which fewer negative consequences.  Having this positive addiction is our permanent exit out of the cycle of addiction.  We then start to piece our lives back together and create a more positive lifestyle.  What we then gain rather than shame, guilt and pain is respect, honor, pride, happiness, satisfaction, blessings and less pain and higher self-esteem.

We encourage you to share your story.  If you would like to share your story please send us and e-mail to info@indigenoustc.com and we will get in touch with you and create a podcast of your story.  We encourage you to be enthusiastic about sharing your story this will then translate into other individuals energies and encourage them to consider going into recovery as well.

We are open to comments, thoughts and suggestions.  Thank you.

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Music:  “New Day” by Lee Rosevere

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