Winter Coat Drive

Once again this year we collected and distributed the winter coats that were generously donated by individuals in the community.
We distributed the coats, handed out bowls of chili and provided a cup of coffee on what is called the Whalley Strip in Surrey BC
Have been doing this for a few years and we noticed a very big difference this year which is the reason for making this video.
Earlier this year a pastor at the Longhouse Church located on the Downtown Eastside mentioned that he noticed the composition of the church has been changing over the years.
He said due to the high cost of finding affordable housing which is causing fewer and fewer people to attend his church because they can no longer afford to live in that area anymore.
On a separate conversation a realtor mentioned in Abbotsford that the individuals are moving from the eastside of Vancouver further East to places like Surrey and Abbotsford because the housing in these locations are more affordable.
So we can see that the stories are true – people are moving from the DTES of Vancouver further East and they are starting tent cities in Surrey and spreading to Abbotsford, Maple Ridge and even Chilliwack.
The amount of coats we collected this year was about the same and the difference was in the length of time it took to hand out the coats and the amount of left overs of coats and food – shorter time to hand out, no left overs.
This is the reason we want to implement our model within the community
Where people are hungry we want to give them food, where they are thirsty we want to give them something to drink, we want to turn strangers into friends, we want to deal with the people’s sickness and when they are in prisons we want to visit them.
To do this we need help.
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We just want to help those who need the assistance and try to save the government some money and we are asking for anyone to please help us.
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