Indigenous Justice – A Reform

In light of the Colten Boushie, Tina Fontaine verdicts political leaders and the like have been calling on a complete reform of the judicial system for the benefit of all Canadians.
Most Indigenous People would agree that the justice system treats them differently.
Indigenous Population is made up of 5-8% of the total Canadian Population.
Indigenous Population of the prisons are 25% to 30% and even up to 40% of the total Population in the prison systems
Jody Wilson-Raybould Minister of Justice stated on Feb 16 that “recognizing Indigenous rights is a start.”
Trudeau also stated they will launch a “recognition and implementation of rights framework. The basis will be the recognition and implementation for all nations between Indigenous People and the federal government going forward. This will lay the foundation for real and lasting change on issues that matter the most – boil water advisories, improve primary and secondary education on reserve, and taking further steps toward reconciliation.
Social media has been lit up .
Recent announcement 5 Billion new funding over 5 years.
How much would a total revamp cost and would it be better to start from where we are currently at?
Federal government oversees systems including, banking, federal taxes, fisheries, telephone and pipelines and the criminal justice system? The provincial government oversees systems such as hospitals, prisons, and education?
In which government system is a First Nations person excelling at? In which system are we doing well in?
We believe recovery is a process including admitting that one cannot control one’s addiction, recognition that a higher power can give one strength, examining past errors, make direct amends for these errors, learn to live a new life with a new code of behavior and help others.
Leave question or comment below.
Do you agree, disagree?
Are we in the ballpark or did we miss the mark?
Is the verdicts supposed to be more about the victims? Is the issued more to do with the MMIW?
Is it more about racial inequality in the various systems? What would someone say who does not have a substance use disorder? Or something entirely different?

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