Pain and Progress

Pain and Progress

Pain is one of my favorite topics.  Lol, not in that way.

Definition – Newton Bill says “We grow at the speed of pain”  Bumper sticker “Pain is weakness leaving our bodies”

We grow at the speed of weakness leaving our body.  Emotional Pain.

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Part 1 Loss of Addiction Podcast – Episode 2

I went to my hometown when I was about 2 years into my recovery to do a thorough and honest step 9 with as many people as I harmed, which actually was not that many.  Met with some of my past friends who I drank with but was not the same.  Left my hometown with depressed feeling.  Half way through the 12 hour drive I thought to myself do I really want the same relationship I used to have with them because that would mean I would be drinking?  Then I thought ‘no’ I would not want it to be the same so that is when I realized I had to grieve the loss of my addiction.

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