Pain and Progress

Pain and Progress

Pain is one of my favorite topics.  Lol, not in that way.

Definition – Newton Bill says “We grow at the speed of pain”  Bumper sticker “Pain is weakness leaving our bodies”

We grow at the speed of weakness leaving our body.  Emotional Pain.

Once heard a quote from person 24 years of sobriety, can vouch for that, 2016 worst year of my life, 2017 did not get much better, finally this year did a stop loss.

Lonliness, Christopher McCandless “Into the Wild – Happiness only real when shared.”

St Francis “It is in Dying that we are born to eternal life”

Dying to self?  Watch a story on Youtube by Lisa Nichols called A Story that will Change your life – we need to jump.  She says we become too attached to who we have been.  Let go of everything and everybody.  We need to rescue ourselves first.  Death to who we thought we were.

Awesome talk called Drop the Rock by Sandy Beach.  AA speaker.

Maintain balance – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.  Can cover a lot just on the Medicine Wheel.

Emotional turmoil before serenity.  In the Big Book says spiritual progress always comes before financial progress.  Meaning I have not spiritually progressed because I am not making financial progress yet.  Lol

Physical pain see a doctor, mental pain see a psychiatrist/psychologist/counsellor, spiritual pain talk to a sponsor/Pastor/Priest/Monk, but where do we go for emotional pain?

People places or things we not say ouch my brain, etc, goes to the heart

My elder told me at the TRC in Vancouver to guard my heart.  How?  How do we react to the actions of others?  Love.  Use love as a shield to repulse arrows of hate and the spears of anger.  Adversity and discouragement will beat upon this new shield and become as the softest of rains.  Use this shield to protect you in the environment and also to sustain you when you are alone.

Play the zip zip game.

These are just some examples of how to guard your heart, just some out of many, many, many out there.  Journalling, talking to a friend, reading, going to a meeting, sweatlodge, talking circle

Need to find your family.  I had a mental family when I was going to school, a physical family because we run up to 3 times per week, a spiritual family (Church, AA), my emotional family is my wife and the closest people I consider to be my true friends (see Honesty Radically).

Issue is though that there are too much options out there to deal with emotional pain.  Just need to get out there and find what ever works for you.  I encourage you to do what Bill suggests, hold your face up to the light, even though for the moment you do not see.  If you can just get past that moment you too will start seeing the little miracles that they talk about in recovery.  All my relations.

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