Episode 3 – Walk a Mile in his Mocassins

Hello.  Welcome to Episode 3 of this podcast.  We are changing our direction and posting podcasts that are to inform Indigenous People of Canada who may have addiction recovery issues/concerns.

We were working on a series of the loss of addiction and we decided not to continue with that series at this moment.  The first task was to come to the realization that we can never safely return to our drug of choice.  The second task is to work through the painful emotions of grieving the loss of our addiction.  The third task is to adjust to the environment in which active addiction is no longer present.  The fourth task is to emotionally relocate the energy we used to invest into our addiction.

Our addiction never goes away completely so we need to emotionally relocate the energy that went into sustaining our recovery.  This is the reason we have changed our podcast into a more impromptu podcast sharing our principles, strength and hope.

This is to inform listeners to obtain more clarity and understanding of the real issues and concerns that arise in addiction recovery and what are some possible solutions we may be able to employ in order to overcome some key obstacles in recovery.

We need to put a stop loss and emotionally relocate the energy and efforts that builds up creating resentment.  Resentment is the number one trigger that cause alcoholics and drug addicts to relapse.

Please be patient as we iron out the bugs and kinks that arise when we learn how to create informative podcasts.  Thank you.  All Our Relations.

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