Indigenous Justice – A Reform

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Episode 1 – Addiction and Recovery Cycle

The cycle of addiction includes a downward spiral of hopelessness and despair.  This begins by having an overall desire of happiness, joy and freedom.

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Creative Minds Think Alike

Steven Covey says:

There are three central values in life: the experiential (that which happens to us), the creative (that which we bring into existence), and the attitudinal (our response to difficult circumstances).  What matters most is how we respond to what we experience in life.

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Annual General Meeting

First Nations service providers now have a convenient opportunity to improve their recovery and leadership skills during your venture to achieve career success.

The Indigenous Wellness Training Society is pleased to announce that their first annual general meeting will take place on Saturday November 25, 2017 at 12:00 noon and finishing at 2:00 pm.

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Strategic Partner Networking Potluck

Our mission statement is to train individuals who have issues with addictions.  Similar to the concept that it takes an entire village to raise a child, it also takes an entire community to train individuals about health and wellness.

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Recovery is the foundation of our success