Culture is a sense of having value in cultural activities.

Each person has a value system that shapes who they are and what they do.  Our values guide our decisions.  Some decisions are easy to explain, while others, such as addictions, are more difficult to explain because they are related to intuitive, gut-feeling reactions.  Various Indigenous communities have different value systems that establish what that community deems as acceptable activities and dictate how people are expected to behave with each other, with the region and within various ceremonies.

The foundation of success for all other drivers of empowerment, including Culture, is Recovery.  During the recovery phase of our program we will discover the value systems that shape the interactions between the residents we serve which will then make up our overall organization culture.  We will adopt the 12 step value of principles before personalities.

Principles are different than values.  A group of individuals living on the Downtown Eastside can share values which may be in conflict with healthy principles.  We will value correct principles such as the 7 Sacred Indigenous Principles of – Love, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Wisdom, Humility and Truth.

Victor Frankly states there are three values in life – the experiential, that which happens to us; the creative, that which we bring into existence; and the attitudinal, how we respond to difficult circumstances such as addictions.  Our focus will be on attitudinal – our response to current circumstances.

Recovery is the foundation of our success