A sense of having an impact.

Our Education and Employment portions of our services will be based upon the successes that are first achieved in the recovery portion.  Our approach to producing an impact will be through teamwork.  A common question in the Indigenous Community when we meet new people is, “What’s your name?” and “Where are you from?”  We ask these questions to establish identity.  Another aspect of our identities is “What do we do?”

At the Indigenous Wellness Training Society we will take a different approach.  Rather than defining ourselves as the job or jobs we currently have or have had, we will work with you to discover a social enterprise that suits your personality and we will work with you, as a team, to develop that enterprise.

A team is a group of two or more people who interact dynamically, interdependently and adaptively who share at least one common goal or purpose.

We will work toward a common purpose by:

  1. Having shared goals
  2. Emphasize inter-dependency
  3. Increase individual commitment to a team effort
  4. Be accountable to a higher level within our organization

We will emphasize interpersonal interaction where the residents proficiency and success in developing careers are maximized and their efforts are coordinated and integrated with other residents.

As a team we will learn:

  1. Shared leadership responsibilities exist among members
  2. A specific, well-defined purpose that is unique to the team
  3. Team and individual work develop products
  4. Effectiveness is measured directly by assessing team work products
  5. Both team and individual accountability are evident
  6. Team celebration.  Individual efforts that contribute to the team’s success are also recognized and celebrated
  7. Meetings with open-ended discussion and include active problem solving
  8. In meetings members discuss, decide and do real work together

Recovery is the foundation of our success