Home Repair

Employment is a sense of having an impact.

Having an impact is dependent on recovery success.  Like the old saying goes our attitude determines our altitude.

Once a person completes our recovery skills portion we will work with each individual to develop one of 10 social enterprise businesses.  Our five drivers of empowerment each have five levels of awareness, education, training, mentor-ship and service.  The service portion of our recovery driver will be the start of creating habits for our social enterprise businesses.

The service portion of our recovery driver will include a land stewardship component – which will include, but not be limited to, taking care of fish and wildlife habitat, cleaning various streets and parks, and seeking donated garden plots.  We will tend to the garden plots and give back a portion of the yield back to the person donating the plots.  We will then sell our yield at various farmers markets for fundraising.  The service portion of recovery will occur every Friday morning and is our only mandatory requirement.

Our social enterprise businesses are not yet operational.  We are currently fundraising for initial start up costs for each social enterprise portion of our services.  In the future we will offer these services as a bundle where we will combine our services to offer better deals to consumers.  Our goal is to offer a one-stop shop, especially for elders who may have mobility issues.

Recovery is the foundation of our success