Recovery is a sense of having personal competence.

House principles:

Wisdom and knowledge

  • curiosity
  • love of learning
  • critical judgements and open-mindedness
  • creativity
  • perspective (wisdom)

Recovery will be the foundation of success upon which all of our services will be based on.  Education, Employment, Culture and Life Skills can be achieved only when a positive attitude is built where the concept of recovery is important and where a safe environment encourages time to develop recovery activities.

Our recovery goals are:

  • Sobriety is a way of life or no problem for one year or more
  • Positive health practices automatically integrated into life for one year or more
  • Positive self-image effective problem solving for one year or more
  • Great satisfaction with helping others for one year
  • All actions constant with belief system “walk as they talk” for one year or more

Recovery is the foundation of our success