Education is a sense of personal choice.

What does it mean to obtain a post-secondary education degree?

When asked what does education mean to you, students may say:

  • “…a means to a better job.”
  • “…something to do instead of working.”
  • “…something that comes after high school.”
  • “…a place to learn.”
  • “…a place to be irresponsible and have fun.”

Having an education may mean all or some of these things to a particular student, but a college education is not a product or a “thing” one gets; it is a process one participates in.  A college education:

  • Is an exposure to life and a way of looking at the world through many new and different lenses.
  • Can provide a better understanding of the world in which we live and increase our ability for meaningful interactions within our environments.
  • Expands and deepens an increasing awareness of our creativity.
  • Provides an opportunity to grow in compassion and understanding of other people, to gain a new appreciation of differences, and a new sense of responsibility for our life.
  • Helps develop effective problem solving skills and strategies that equip us for various employment, cultural and interpersonal opportunities.

To complete a degree means you need to attend class, complete the assignments, interact with the professors, pass tests and be involved in extracurricular activities including a practicum experience if needed.  A student also needs to know that decisions need to be made, goals need to be set, and to form new relationships.

Our Education and Employment portions of our services will be based upon the successes that are first achieved in the recovery portion.  While preparing for an Educational Degree at the Indigenous Wellness Training Society there is a small note we would like to point out.  Balance in life is an important ingredient of success.  A careful examination of personal goals and use of time gives one a fairly good idea of how to balance the time between studies, work, the practicum experience and extracurricular activities.

Recovery is the foundation of our success