Life Skills

Life Skills is a sense of security.

All other drivers of empowerment – Recovery, Education, Employment, and Culture – will encompass the philosophy and concepts of Life Skills.

The Life Skill concepts we will focus on will include life skills principles and philosophies, life skill theories, creativity, problem-solving, group dynamics, life skill coaching, group facilitation, life skill formats and techniques and life skills planning.

Each of the five drivers will also have five levels of awareness, education, training, mentor-ship and providing service back to the community.  This will be accomplished through building recovery skills, on-the-job training skills and Life Skills.

We will work on why these skills are important and how they will be of value to the residents.  We will understand what these skills are, what the component behaviors are to engage in to perform the skill, and when it should be used.  We will find situations in which we can practice the skill over and over again.  We will assess how well the … skills are being implemented.  We will keep practicing until the skills feel real and it becomes an automatic habit pattern.  The Indigenous Wellness Training Society will load practice toward success.  Everyone will encourage us to use these skills. Finally we will help others learn these skills.

Recovery is the foundation of our success